Hello June! Random Thoughts

Hello June!

You are set to be a crazy, crazy month.  There is so much going on at work and in our personal lives.  Please be kind and gentle to us.  Please help us stay focussed on what really matters for our lives, our walk with the Lord and our family.

May was an incredibly hard month.  What a road it has been with the postpartum depression and subsequently the TMS treatments.  I was out of work all but a few days of the month as we battled for my mental health.  I will be returning to work tomorrow and am terrified.  What if I fall apart again?  What if it is too much again?  What if the girls don’t settle back into routine?  How do I introduce the new routine of mama being away all 5 days of the week now?  What if I can’t pump enough milk for Patrice?

May also brought me the blessing of crystalizing a God Sized Dream for our family and drawing me deep into the word of the Lord.  Please Lord, allow that to continue.  Please keep it on my heart to be a Mary, rather than a Martha.

There are also a lot of celebrations this month, birthdays and graduations, camping to be done, fun to be had. Please Lord, work supernaturally in helping us balance it all. Please be with us each step of the way.  Please help hubby and I to work together as a team, to bless each other fully.

Okay, June, no more time to talk, time to do.



Survive til you Thrive!

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