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Multitude Mondays that Could Double for a Wordless Wednesday

I read a quote today from A.W Tozer “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”  That really boils it down for me.  There are many facets of me, I work, I sew, I run.  I am a friend, sister, daughter.  But what do I think about when I think about God?  My girls and my husband.  I am mother and wife.  And I love it.  More than I ever dreamed I could.

For this I am very thankful.




What comes to mind when you think about God?  Instead of berating yourself for letting your mind wander, take a moment and see what the Lord reveals about you as you open your heart ears to Him.

What are you thankful for?

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Slippy Slide Fun for Saturday Snapshots

What fun have you had for the week?  Will you share at Ali’s blog hop?

Backwards…5 Minute Friday

We made it to Friday.  Through a full-week back at work.  And I think I did it rather well.  Much better than I handled it before my medical leave last month. 

Making it to Friday means it is time for The Gypsy Mama’s 5 Minute Friday.  She provides the topic, I provide 5 minutes of unedited writing.  So here goes…


That makes me think of when I was little and my mama didn’t feel like cooking.  Her go to food was french toast when she didn’t feel like making dinner.  My mama’s french toast concoction was egg, milk and cinnamon.  Always made with white bread.  Yum, yum, yum.

Having breakfast for dinner was a normal part of growing up for me.  This was not the case for my hubby and thus far, I have not been able to get him to embrace the concept.  But he does a fine job with breakfast at breakfast time.  Almost every Saturday and Sunday he makes pancakes, french toast, waffles of eggs.  He is awesome at it.  Honestly, he is just an all around good cook.  I require a recipe, he can just take ingredients and put together a yummy dinner.

Did your family do breakfast for dinner or was breakfast just for breakfast?

Going to Try Something New on Labor Day for Try Something New Thursday

Have I mentioned I like to run?  Well I do.  A lot.  I like thinking about running.  I like those first steps that hurt and are really hard.  I like that minute where you realize it is not hurting.  I love that feeling that I could run forever.  And I really love realizing how far I have gone when I am done with a run.

I love running 5k races too.  It is such a sense of accomplishment to beat my previous race time.  Last December I ran my second 5k race ever.  Patrice was only 18 weeks old when I ran it.  I was slow.  But so proud to be back out there running.  I had run very little during my pregnancy and was afraid I would not get back into it.  But I did.  And that race happened to be a Governor’s endorsed race.  Not all are but there are a number of them throughout the year that have been given that distinction.

Turns out if you run in one of those you can put your name in for a random lottery to run the 5 miles across the Mackinaw Bridge on Labor Day.  On a whim, I put my name in.  Turns out I am one of 400 people randomly selected to run the bridge on Labor Day.  I am so excited!!!!

The challenge is…I have to be able to run the 5 miles in 60 minutes.  I have only run that distance a handful of times and never that fast…so the next 3 months will be spent working on my time and distance.  Wish me luck as I work to prepare for a big Try Something New on Labor Day!!!  Here is more about the Mackinaw Bridge Race.

What have you tried, or are you going to try?  Link up and share.

Multitude Mondays 114-120

It is Sunday night.  I am extremely tired.  And oh so ready for bed.  But there is still lots of activity in my house.  One little girl is getting an emergency bath–should have seen that diaper! And the other two are supposed to be getting ready for bed, which means they are coming up with every delay tactic they can think of.  And so many of them are cute…how far will we let it go.  Hard telling.  Am I the only mama that sometimes lets them get away with the delays?  Am I the only one that can be snowballed by their kids?

Today I am thankful for:

114.  the sound of them playing with learning toys.
115.  a hubby willing to do yucky diaper changes.
116.  friends who are willing to watch my kids when there are daycare changes.
117.  a surprise lunch with one of my favorite people.
118.  beautiful babies all in violet.
119.  a blog challenge that forces me to look for those things I am thankful for.
120.  a hubby who is so skilled in things around the house–my own personal handyman.

What are you thankful for?  Head on over to A Holy Experience to share and see what others are celebrating.

Praying and Providing

I have been praying for the Lord to provide for us in a big, big way.  Huge.  Feels like one of the biggest prayers of my life.  I cannot fathom how the Lord is going to be able to do this.  It is just too big for my brain.  I am praying that is the way He likes it.  Trust me, as His answer unfolds, we will only be able to stand back and declare, “See what the Lord has done on our behalf!”  And there will be no way for anyone to argue it was not a miracle.

In the process of praying, I have been praying and reading scriptures about not being afraid.  About God’s provision.  About peace. 

Have I mentioned, what I am praying for is beyond my wildest dreams and beyond comprehension?

But I have seen the Lord work mightily.  Maybe not in how I would expect, but mightily.  Take the running I am always blogging about…10 years ago I was in and out of a wheelchair due to Multiple Sclerosis.  Trust me, no one ever thought I would run for fun at that point.  No one.  Actually at the time, a doctor told me he thought I would walk again but he didn’t know when.  Fast forward a few months, and a friend gave me the name of a neurologist who specializes in MS.  He started treating the MS aggressively.  And he encouraged me to dream again.  I got married.  My health stabilized for just a minute…hubby and I decided to dare to start a family…my doctor was all for it.  11 months later Caitlyn was born…  Remember that minute that my health stabilized?  It has now last almost 6 years.  No one can quite explain it, as far as we can figure, the horomone changes related to pregnancy and nursing have changed the behavior of my MS.  I have gone from being sick most of the time, to never.  Praise the Lord!  He chose to move mightily on my behalf…

There have been other times and I will share more as I walk this new journey of trusting the Lord.  Please feel free to share some of your own stories in the comments below…we can all stand to hear how the Lord works!!!

More Camping Fun for Saturday Snapshots

I only took 1 picture all week.  I know, a big mama fail.  But I still have cute ones from last weekend 🙂

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Every Day–5 Minute Friday

The Gypsy Mama hosts a really great blog hop on Fridays…5 Minute Friday.  Here are the “rules”
Wanna just write? Without wondering if it’s just right?
Indulge in five rich, delicious minutes of pure writing.

Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to dig in too.

And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the five minute chef who served something up right before you.

Easy peasy.

This prompt of every day has me a little stumped.  The Gypsy Mama wrote a great post, but I can’t very well copy her’s, now can I?  So I had to think.  A little hard to do after a really long day at work.  I have only been back two days and both have been crazy busy.  Ah well.  Here is what came to mind as I thought about every day…
I have a history of Multiple Sclerosis.  I say it that way because I have been in remission for 5 years (totally awesome, Praise the Lord, I know!)  But before the remission, I was really sick.  Some days I even spent in a wheelchair because I could not walk.  Other days I could not use my right hand as it would claw up and not move.  There were lots of different things that could be wrong at anytime, so every day I did an inventory before I even got out of bed, I would move each part of my body to see if it was going to work that day.  But slowly, as I got more confident in the remission, I quit testing every day.
That every day testing has returned, but for a different reason.  Now, because of the 9 months struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety, I have begun testing every day…how is my stress level?  How is my mood?  How is my response to the girls?  How am I feeling?  How am I reacting?
I recently finished an intense treatment for the depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS.  I am doing much, much better.  I can not even tell you how much improvement there is over 3 weeks ago, but for now, I test myself every day, many times a day…but I am trusting that one day soon, I will no longer test every day…


A New Campground for Try Something New Thursday

We recently tried our second camping trip as a family.  It was a little, okay a lot, wet.  But a fun time was had by all.  So, if it was our 2nd trip, how does it qualify for Try Something New Thursday, you ask?  We were at a new campground!

We didn’t want to go far from home, but wanted to be able to enjoy the out of doors, so we headed to Attica, Michigan (Yeah, I had never heard of it either).  It is near Lapeer, Michigan. 

Attica Pines Campground is run by a family and is very family friendly!  It was a great experience.

There was beautiful lake/pond that the girls fished in.  They each caught one fish!

We explored two play areas.

Huge dirt and rock piles for climbing…Do you know how dirty two little girls can get with muddy piles to slide down?

We had bonfires and collected sticks for the fires.

We played tether ball, took hikes and had lots of fun.  You should check out Attica Pines Campground!  It is a great family get away!

Now share what you have tried new lately?

Hello June! Random Thoughts

Hello June!

You are set to be a crazy, crazy month.  There is so much going on at work and in our personal lives.  Please be kind and gentle to us.  Please help us stay focussed on what really matters for our lives, our walk with the Lord and our family.

May was an incredibly hard month.  What a road it has been with the postpartum depression and subsequently the TMS treatments.  I was out of work all but a few days of the month as we battled for my mental health.  I will be returning to work tomorrow and am terrified.  What if I fall apart again?  What if it is too much again?  What if the girls don’t settle back into routine?  How do I introduce the new routine of mama being away all 5 days of the week now?  What if I can’t pump enough milk for Patrice?

May also brought me the blessing of crystalizing a God Sized Dream for our family and drawing me deep into the word of the Lord.  Please Lord, allow that to continue.  Please keep it on my heart to be a Mary, rather than a Martha.

There are also a lot of celebrations this month, birthdays and graduations, camping to be done, fun to be had. Please Lord, work supernaturally in helping us balance it all. Please be with us each step of the way.  Please help hubby and I to work together as a team, to bless each other fully.

Okay, June, no more time to talk, time to do.