Things I Like About Me

I was challenged by one of my best twitter buddies, Donutsmama, to do this blog hop post.  She did a great job on hers.  So here is mine!
1.  I like that I am doing this even if it is challenging.
2.  I like that I am a compartmentalized perfectionist.  I don’t drive to be perfect in every area of my life (you should see my house) but those areas that truly matter to me, matter.  My walk with the Lord.  My life as a mama and wife.  Getting the words to songs right.  They matter.
3.  I like that I am an extended breastfeeding mama.  My oldest girls are 15 1/2 months apart.  My milk supply really dropped when I was pregnant with Sue, so Caitlyn weaned at 11 months.  That made me very sad.  But we definitely made up for it with Sue, she nursed until she was 28 months and I was several months pregnant with Patrice.
4.  I like that my hair is it’s natural color.  It is kind of a honey blonde.  I am proud that I have never colored it.  I like being able to say this is my true color.
5.  I like that I took up running in my 30s.  Okay, I actually love that!!!
6.  I like that I started writing this blog in February 2010 and I am still doing it even though life has gotten busier and my husband still thinks it is silly.
7.  I like that I am the mama of three little girls.  Years ago, the doctors told me I would probably never have kids due to my Multiple Sclerosis.  Thankfully one doctor thought that was stupid.  He treated the MS aggressively.  The Lord blessed his work.  And I have been in remission for 6 beautiful years.  And here I am with three little girls.

What do you like?  Write your list and link up with us!
Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to Things I Like About Me

  1. Rach (DonutsMama)

    Oh Charity, this was wonderful! God has blessed you indeed! You are a caring woman–you care about your friends, your girls and you are always ready to reach out with a helping hand! Good job, mama.

  2. Great list! And I didn't know you had MS.

    These are all really great things to like about yourself.

  3. Elena @CiaoMom

    What a fantastic list!! I love it when doctors can be proved wrong! Thanks for linking up!

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