Blueberry Picking Again

Blueberry picking this year

 Looks a little different than last year…

I was 38 weeks, 6 days pregnant with Patrice when we went last year.  This year we are are just hours from celebrating her first birthday.

I love having my three girls.  There are no words that will ever express it fully.  I also cannot find the words to express how bittersweet her birthday is.  So I think I will ignore that for a moment and share a few more of our blueberry picking adventure.

We got rained on…not horrible, but we were wet.

The heavens opened up as we were driving away.  We happily drove home with our 10+ pounds of blueberries…just a few minutes into our drive we also had two sleeping little girls…I think Patrice as too excited to sleep!  This time around had to be more fun for her than last year…though she was hanging out in a “swimming pool” last time…hmmm, wonder what she was thinking today…

Saturday Snapshots is understandably on hiatus.  Please head over to Ali’s and see how you can pray for her family.

Survive til you Thrive!

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