Four Teeth and Know How to Use Them

It took several tries, but the girls and I finally made it to the farmer’s market.  We didn’t bring home as much as we did last year

 But we did get apples, potatoes and cherries.

Patrice now has 4 teeth, the bottom fronts have been through for a while, the top fronts just poked through, but she is not afraid to use them.  I originally had the big bag of apples on the floor in the kitchen, but every time I turned around I found Patrice gnawing on another one.  They are now safely out of her reach, but watching her work away at an apple is crazy amounts of cute!

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Four Teeth and Know How to Use Them

  1. So cute! There are worse things she could be gnawing on than an apple, for sure. 😉

  2. Yeah, like me. She nailed me good a couple times the other night. Oh my word!!! Or that pump tubing 🙂 Oh wait, she already did that!

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