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I am joining a different blog hop this week.  I love chatting with Rach on twitter and thought I would join in here.

This weeks life lessons:

1.  Reading must come with age, Caitlyn turned 5 this week.  Sue came running out of their room that morning and said, “Caitlyn, can you read now?”  Caitlyn said, “I don’t know, let’s check!”  She proceeded to go get a book and give it a try.

2.  Sue is the only one of my  kids not having a birthday this week.  She thinks this stinks.  But she is getting the hang of enjoying the fun.  Caitlyn’s birthday was Wednesday.  Thursday, Sue says, “I wish it were still your birthday.”  Caitlyn said, “don’t worry, soon I’ll turn 6!”  Oh my, we just finished counting down to 5.  And we still have Patrice’s birthday on Sunday!

3.  Patrice has slept through the night twice this week (shhh, don’t tell anybody).  That makes 5 times in her entire life.  Truth…I don’t mind waking up with her so much.  She nurses and we cuddle.

4.  I am celebrating we have officially made it to a year with Patrice nursing and I still have frozen milk in the freezer.  Yipee!!!!!  What a lot of stress off my shoulders.

5.  Caitlyn got two Venus Fly Trap plants for her Birthday.  Hubby and the older girls are feeding them ants right now.  The lady at the store says they are very hardy and can live 20+ years.  Um, Caitlyn, that thing goes with you when you leave for college!

6.  My husband is about the funniest person alive. He just explained to the girls we can’t feed the plants Roly Poly bugs because “they don’t have much meat on them.” With a straight face!

7.  I couldn’t bear to leave Patrice in the church nursery last week.  Our church has a great one, but every week I cry at the time away from my baby.  This week I just sobbed.  I have a hard enough time leaving her for work, when I have to.  This week it was just too much to leave her in nursery.  I ended up going back and getting her.

8.  Today Patrice cried for the first time when I left her at daycare.  Then Caitlyn joined in, then my friend’s twin boys lifted thier voices, along with other baby there.  By the time I left for work, 5 out of the 7 kids in the house were crying.  My friend handled it beautifully and called me within minutes to let me know they were all calm again.

9.  Sue’s imaginary friends keep getting her in trouble.  Last night I ended up yelling at her AND her imaginary friends.  Sigh.

10.  Caitlyn asked Jesus into her heart on her birthday.  Praise the Lord!

What happened in your life this week?  Join us in linking up!

Survive til you Thrive!

5 Responses to Life Lessons–Birthday Style

  1. Rach (DonutsMama)

    You yelled at her imaginary friends? Too funny. I had a hard time leaving Donut in the church nursery last week for the first time. DH had to steer me away before I started sobbing! But I'm home with her all week so I guess it's good that someone else watches her for a while.

  2. Oh, what a lovely week. Happy birthday to your girls.

  3. I find it real difficult to leave my babies with daycare. I experienced the crying when I started my boy at preschool when he turned 3 – I went home and cried and felt my heart ache. Congrats on your nursing success!

  4. "I don't know, let's check!" HA! That is adorable!

  5. signingcharity

    @ Rach, yes I did yell at her imaginary friends. With a straight face. That is never mentioned in the parenting books!

    @story Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    @mom2kiddos It is hard. So hard. Patrice never cried before today. I hate it!

    @mamamash isn't that a riot? The whole convo had me in stitches.

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