Patrice Turns One!!!!

Big Birthday week around here.  Caitlyn turned 5 on Wednesday and Patrice turned 1 today!  This has meant lots of cupcakes and a few tears by mama to see her babies growing up.

I love having a baby and there is just something symbolic about the first birthday to mark the end of those days.

But I will admit this reminded me she’s not quite ready to leave the nest

Love me a baby taking a nap in their high chair

I have been crazy emotional about Patrice’s birthday.  Truly crazy.  And some people have very sweetly listened to me whine (thanks #ppdchat mamas).  But today I got a bit of a wake up call.  I got to thinking, yes, it is a tad bittersweet to have her slowly leaving the baby phase, but you know, it’s…what’s supposed to happen!  So there is nothing really sad about it at all!

There are tons of rough things that people are going through.  People I love on-line and in real life are dealing with real stuff.  Real hurts.  Real problems.

And while I will admit, I will probably shed a few more tears, it will be done in proper perspective.  And mostly for joy that she is growing so sweet and happy.

Here she was a year ago today…

And here she is one year later:

What more could a mama ask for?

And as a P.S of fun…Caitlyn came in today and said, “I was helping daddy lawn the mown.”

Survive til you Thrive!

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