Welcome to the Roller Coaster

A year.  A year.  Up.  Down.  Round the bend.  Round the next bend. Up.  Down.

Praying it’s just baby blues.

It gets a little better.

Then the darkness comes.

Start a medication.

Get a little relief.

Try an additional dose.

All relief disappears.

End up sobbing at the midwife’s office.

Find yourself in a psychiatric hospital.  Away from your family, away from all you know and trust.

Come home more despondent and hurting than you started.

Get the hope of a postpartum depression specialist.

Ahhh, the right combination of medication.

Some sweet relief.





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Medication stops working.

Discover new depths of dispair.

Try Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

A bit of relief.





Wonder if there is any hope left.

Bite the bullet.  Ask for more help.

See the light again.

Support another mama.

See her make the hard, necessary choice to go to the hospital.

Memories rush in.


Get support.




*Please excuse the absence of Snapshot Saturdays.  Please head over and pray for Ali.

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Survive til you Thrive!

5 Responses to Welcome to the Roller Coaster

  1. Yes UP. I'm here for you Mama. I know the roller coaster ride is awful and sickening and seems like it's just one loop after another. But don't give up. You have an entire Army behind you to hold you and help you as you move UP. I know the ride has been rough lately for me too,but I'm trying to practice some self-care today ease it. Is there something you can do for you today? LOVE you immensely!

  2. Thank you very much. There is much going on today, taking girls for pictures…family coming over…and then some of my fave people coming tomorrow. It will be good.

  3. Oh, mama. So much love. Up now. And remember that unlike on a roller coaster, up doesn't HAVE to be followed by more down.

  4. Saying prayers for you my friend!

  5. Thank you ladies. One moment, dat at time, right?

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