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A Wordy Wordless Wednesday–Kicking a Habit

Patrice with grandma “2 Doggies” at her first birthday party

I am very proud of my mama.  I always am.  But recently she has given me another reason to be proud and has been part of my inspiration to make a hard change in my life. 

My mom has loved her pepsi for as long as I can remember.  Truly.  One of my earliest memories is waking up in the middle of the night sick and my mom running back and forth between my room and hers with a glass bottle of pepsi in her hands.  In the midst of me getting sick it got spilled on the carpet…anyway…

Over the years she switched from pepsi to diet pepsi.  I was not allowed to drink pop.  I was told, it was okay for adults and when I grew up I could drink it.  And I did, but I chose diet coke.

Love that stuff.  Seriously.

I heard from people over the years about it’s negative health impacts.  Some I believed, some I did not.  And that is still the case.  I thought about giving it up, but it was my one vice.  So I kept on.

But I recently watched my mom kick her multiple pops a day habit and achieve other great outcomes in her life. 

It got me to thinking.

Then a friend I trust shared how kicking her diet pop habit had helped her…and I was even more intrigued.  But man I didn’t want to give it up…so as a last ditch vote, I sent an e-mail to my midwife to get her opinion.  She said “in a perfect world I don’t think any of us should, or would drink it.”

Man, there went my out…

So yesterday I finished one last diet coke and haven’t had one since.

This change has me thinking about other healthy changes in my life.  But for right now, I am working on this one…we’ll see where it goes from there.

What health changes have you made?  How has it impacted your life?

Sunday Sillies with Sue

Our heart and prayers are with those who worked to save lives or lost loved ones 10 years ago when terrorists struck at our homeland.

Life around here gets very sweet and silly.  Last week Sue had a night where she really turned on the charm.  She and Caitlyn went to bed.  Caitlyn fell right to sleep.  Kindergarten is a lot of work, you know.  But Sue had a nap that day and she wasn’t very tired.

This had happened a few weeks ago, and daddy told her to “count sheep.”  So this time, we heard a little noise coming from their room.  Hubby crept to their door.  He got to hear Sue, “97, 98, 53…it’s not working.”  Again, “97, 98, 53…it’s not working.”  We were so tempted to go in and get her and just let her cuddle on the couch with us.  As I went to bed I told hubby, “if you get her up I wouldn’t blame you at all.”  I don’t know how he resisted the temptation.

During the whole bedtime process that night she had said, “I’m going to sleep with you mommy and daddy.”  No, you’re not, we said several times.

After a few hours of sleeping, Patrice woke up…and who did I find in our bed at 2:30 am?  Yup, Sue.  She said she was going to sleep with us…

I fed Patrice, and she was sleepy, so I put her back in her bed.  She started to cry.  I thought maybe she would fall asleep…as she cried, Sue said, “sing her your song mommy.”  When I didn’t start singing, Sue did.  “Go to sleep.  Jesus loves you.  Go to sleep, Jesus loves you.”  It was such a precious moment, I was kind of ok losing sleep because of my two youngsters wakefulness!

*I hope you enjoy this collection of pictures of Sue from 2011.  I have so many but these seem to really embody my beautiful 2nd born!

Saturday Snapshots–Camping Edition

We spent the holiday weekend camping, Up North, way Up North, in Mackinaw City, at the top of the Lower Peninsula.

Hubby and I haven’t been there since he proposed a little over 7 years ago…This trip was definitely different.

We were pulling a camper, went later in the summer and, oh yeah, had three little girls with us!  Our three little girls!

This is a live statue.  The girls want to know how he gets the paint off his body…

The beach, Lake Huron, was CHILLY

Nummy, nummy, nummy

hanging out in the park where daddy proposed to mommy 7 years ago

Both trips to Mackinaw, today and 7 years ago, were magical!

Waiting for mama to finish her race

Please continue to pray for my friend Ali

.And check out her pictures!

What I Wish for My Children

When each of my girls was born, as soon as they put the baby on my chest or, in Patrice’s case, after being cleared by the doctor, I said to them, “We love you and we pray you come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior very young.  That’s all that matters.” 

And it is as true now, 5 years and 1 month since the first was born, as it was during those first moments.

I pray every morning “I pray you come to know Jesus very young and never let go, hang on to that forever.”

But I also have other wishes and hopes for them.

I hope they will grow up to meet a man who loves and cherishes them, and that they have lovely families (my husband and children are the greatest joys of my life).  I hope they find their calling in this world, be that full-time ministry, stay-at-home mom or out in the career arena.

In the area of friendship, I hope they find friends like I have, those you don’t have to see or talk to every day to have an amazing support team, those friends who will share the minutae of life, face-to-face friends and social media friends. 

I hope they grow up comfortable in their own skin.  I hope hubby and I do not project our hang-ups or fears on them.  I hope we encourage and help them to spread their wings and find their own way.

And oh what an adventure it will be watching them get there.  The adventure it already is…

Seeing Caitlyn head off to school, Sue adjust to being the big girl in the family when sissy is gone and watching Patrice smile and laugh her way toward toddlerhood…so much to see and do, and this is only the beginning for all of us!

*all pictures from Caitlyn’s first day of school.

What do you wish for your kids?  Link up at Life with Levi.

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Just a Couple Days Ago…

 This was just a couple days ago, right?  It was just a couple days ago we had our first daughter, right?

 Our first bloody peek?  Tell me it was, please tell me it was just a few days ago…
No, you won’t comfort this mama with a lie?  You’re going to make me face it, face the truth that a few days ago we did this…

 We headed to our first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday, September 6…

 Honest to goodness…my first baby went to Kindergarten this week…

Look at her.  Isn’t she amazing?  She is doing so well in school.  She is learning the ropes.  She is coming home with new ideas every day.  She is making new friends.  Today she told me, “I made 4 new friends.”  “What are their names?”  “I don’t know.”  Ahhh, this might be why childhood seems simpler, no concern with the extra details, like names. 

This has been a challenging week for mama.  Today, for the first time Caitlyn cried when I dropped her off for school.  Sobbed really.  Sobbed til there was snot running down her nose.  I know, I know, she was done before I even got out of the school, but it was still hard.  I realized that for the first time in her life, since those pictures taken above, that I could not check on her to make sure she was okay.  She was in a completely different world…one I can’t shape or control. 

Since the moment those pictures above were taken, I have been haunted by the thought that my job, from that moment, was to raise her to leave me.  From that moment, the midwife and nurses needed her, her daddy could now share in her.  I cried daily for the first 5 months of her life that she was growing up so much.  Hey, I did, just being honest here.  Before I even went back to work, I hyperventilated in Target because my baby was growing up.  Yeah, I’m kind of a sap.

Well, this week was the first time I really had to let her out of my control.  We have always chosen our daycare very carefully so that we would have as much control as possible.  And minimized the time our kids were away from us, but now, we are in a new realm.  Someone else has decided how much of the day she is away from us, they are teaching her new things, and while we are involved, we are more support staff. 

I’m not sure I like it, well I’m pretty sure I don’t.  But at the same time, I like watching her learn.  I love seeing her come home excited over the new things she is seeing and doing.  I loved seeing her owl picture she colored on the first day.  And the book she colored and put together today.  And the air of independence she is getting.  It is amazing.

So, as I have been many times since that first picture was taken, I am a conflicted ball of thoughts and feelings.  And while it’s not exactly comfortable, it is where we are, so, for now, it will have to be Enough.

Actual Bridge Run Results

Ahhh, the day after has arrived. I survived my race yesterday across the Mackinaw Bridge. 
I ran from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. 
I was reminded again what a beautiful state we live in!!!

 The first 1/2 is uphill.  It is a gradual hill, but it is definitely up!
 Watching the sunrise over the lake was AMAZING
That blur is the finish line…and there were people in front of me, but they don’t really show here…
I finished in 57 minutes and 13 seconds.  My pace was 13:04 per mile and I finished 242 out of 247.  I knew I passed at 3 people, but there were actually 5 behind me!!!  That is amazing. 
1,077.48 miles were run by the whole group.
41 minutes 23 seconds was the average finishing time.
142,639 calories were burned in that one event.
I must admit, I have never been so sore as I was afterward, but I did it.  I ran every step.  That was my longest race and I did it!!!!  In the allowed time!  And my three girls and marvelous hubby got to see me come across.
All of this is from a woman who 10 years ago was in and out of a wheelchair, was told at one point the doctors didn’t know when she would walk again.
Glory to God for His mercy on my life.
*pictures were taken with my cell phone as I ran, sorry they are blurry and just think how fast I could have run without those pictures, but wasn’t it worth those extra seconds to be able to see them??

Running Away

So today is the big day!  The race I talked about here, is TODAY!

5:30 am begins the adventure.  I have to board a bus to go across the bridge to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  Then to run 4 1/2 miles to the other side…

Here’s hoping I can do it in the allowed time!

I’ll pop in later with pictures!

Saturday Snapshot Fun

Look at me climb!

Yeah, I’m cute

Getting a story read with our cousin

Hi Praying Mantis

Recent storm damage made daddy Mr. Lumberjack

Please also head over to my friend Ali’s to see how you can pray for them.

Love Drop #9

This month we’re rallying behind Melanie, a wonderful mother of four who recently got hit by a car while walking near her home outside of Boston. We are all so thankful she pulled through, but now the long road to recovery begins – and with that comes many unforeseen expenses.

Go here to see her video.

Our mission is to help customize her home to her new physical limitations. The three things she could really use right now are a front-loading washer and dryer, as well as a new stove with front controls so she can continue providing for her family. She still remains extremely positive, but it’s going to be a tough time for a while.

Let’s surprise her with an AWESOME Love Drop this month!

Goal: $3,000

Get involved!

Melanie is wheelchair-bound right now, and unfortunately can’t stand or even put any weight on her legs. This, along with her broken pelvis, makes it very difficult to not only get around her house, but also do some of the things she enjoys the most (like cooking – she’s a big foodie). Surprising her with these new appliances would be HUGE! She can get back to living as close to her “normal” life as possible, without having to rely on others helping her out as much.

If you can’t give a few bucks, perhaps you have a contact or two that could help get these appliances donated? Any money saved will go right to other improvements needed around the house 🙂 Together we can make a bigger impact!

Why We’re Helping This Family

As a coupon blogger, Melanie is no stranger to giving back, often using her money-saving abilities to help out others in the community. This month we’re happy to be bringing together people who care to help get her house ready for the upcoming stretch of rehab and recovery.

It looks like it might be ten months to a year until she’s fully back to normal, so any investment we can make in getting her house usable during that time will be much appreciated.