Sunday Sillies with Sue

Our heart and prayers are with those who worked to save lives or lost loved ones 10 years ago when terrorists struck at our homeland.

Life around here gets very sweet and silly.  Last week Sue had a night where she really turned on the charm.  She and Caitlyn went to bed.  Caitlyn fell right to sleep.  Kindergarten is a lot of work, you know.  But Sue had a nap that day and she wasn’t very tired.

This had happened a few weeks ago, and daddy told her to “count sheep.”  So this time, we heard a little noise coming from their room.  Hubby crept to their door.  He got to hear Sue, “97, 98, 53…it’s not working.”  Again, “97, 98, 53…it’s not working.”  We were so tempted to go in and get her and just let her cuddle on the couch with us.  As I went to bed I told hubby, “if you get her up I wouldn’t blame you at all.”  I don’t know how he resisted the temptation.

During the whole bedtime process that night she had said, “I’m going to sleep with you mommy and daddy.”  No, you’re not, we said several times.

After a few hours of sleeping, Patrice woke up…and who did I find in our bed at 2:30 am?  Yup, Sue.  She said she was going to sleep with us…

I fed Patrice, and she was sleepy, so I put her back in her bed.  She started to cry.  I thought maybe she would fall asleep…as she cried, Sue said, “sing her your song mommy.”  When I didn’t start singing, Sue did.  “Go to sleep.  Jesus loves you.  Go to sleep, Jesus loves you.”  It was such a precious moment, I was kind of ok losing sleep because of my two youngsters wakefulness!

*I hope you enjoy this collection of pictures of Sue from 2011.  I have so many but these seem to really embody my beautiful 2nd born!

Survive til you Thrive!

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