Update on Transitions and Life Lessons

This week has been good.  Full and busy, but I think the giving up diet coke has helped me overall.  I feel a lot better, more in control of my emotions.  I am looking forward to other changes to my diet, to see if I can get things even better.

1.  We are transitioning to new childcare, which has been wonderful.  Sue and Patrice love the new person we have.  I love being able to get Caitlyn out the door and me to work.  Much less stress.

2.  It requires us to clean the house daily, but we are keeping up with it.  And it is nice having a clean house. 

3.  Someone has slept really well the last two nights.  I am not talking about who.  I have slept decent.  I am really hoping for better sleep this weekend.

4.  I figured out what was wrong with our dishwasher.  I am feeling very proud of myself.

5.  One of my bosses at work paid me a big compliment.  That will get people far with me.  I will bust my butt for someone who says thank you or pays me a compliment.

6.  Drop off at school has been good this week.  Monday was Caitlyn’s first day in a new classroom, so they invited the parents to come in.  I did.  She cried.  Twice.  The rest of the week has been “dump and run.”  She waves as she runs to the door.  Wonderful!

7.  I heard, through twitter, that Hyland Teething Tablets are back on the market.  A friend found some and is mailing them to me.  Now I can quit hoarding my recalled ones and give Patrice the tablets to help with teeth.

8.  The relief they give kids was worth ignoring the recall.  I figured two kids had been fine on them, and they weren’t recalled for anything in them, it was because they weren’t uniform in how much was in each tablet, so I still used the ones left over from Sue.  And felt kind of sneaky about it, like I was breaking the rules.  Yeah, I’m a rebel.

9.  We went to the cider mill yesterday.  Glorious.  The donuts, the cider, the walk along the river on the tree lined path.  I’m very glad we went.

10.  And this picture just seems appropriate for linking with Life with Baby Donut.

Survive til you Thrive!

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