Damn Dog

Hubby did bedtime routine last night while I moderated #ppdchat on twitter and then did a conference call for work with collegues in China.  They all headed to bed.  It was late and dark.  Almost quiet in the house.  And the doorbell rang. 

My heart skipped a couple beats.  I hoped hubby would come downstairs to answer it, but then was pretty sure he couldn’t hear the doorbell.  What to do.

I prayed it wasn’t a polite robber or mass murderer wanting in my house as I walked to the door.  I opened the door…and saw a shadow of a guy holding my dog. 

“Damn dog!”  Yup, those were the first words out of my mouth.  That was the second time yesterday a neighbor had returned the little escaping houdini dog.  Grrr….

Ha ha ha. “Yeah, I was taking out my garbage and I heard this rustling noise.  Kind of scared me.”

Would have scared me to bits, but thankfully this guy was a little less timid than I, found the source of the noise to be my dog and returned him.  I thanked him and went back to the safety of my kitchen.  Hubby came down toward the end of this and got my version of the story.

I even admitted the “damn dog” greeting.  Hubby was nice enough to add, “Oh yeah, Jesus saves.”  Yes, He truly does and I believe that with all my heart. 

Now here’s the question.  Did I ruin my witness to this guy with my dog comment?  Or, more to the point, when I am at work and that word escapes, do I ruin my witness there?  Does that negate all else I may say about God, Jesus and the Church?  Does it damage what I may say or does it make me more real, more approachable?

I’m not perfect, but I do work on my language.  I work on not saying everything that pops into my head.  And I succeed in not saying a lot!  Trust me.  But other things…

What say you?  How has your language changed since having kids?  Better or worse?  How is the internal monologue?  Better or worse?  What does mild swearing do to someone’s witness?  Do I need to eradicate it all or is it okay to Just Be Enough here?

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2 Responses to Damn Dog

  1. This is a tough question. It is an ongoing battle in our home. I rarely curse, but when I do, everyone around me is quickly aware of my state of being. (Usually highly agitated!) My husband's family has a much looser hold on their tongues, so he grew up hearing things I didn't. Now that we are about to have a baby, he is trying to be much more conscious of what he says.
    How does this affect your witness? Well, I guess it can go both ways. My parents former pastor says that, as someone who didn't come to Christ until he was 18, his language was the last thing to change. That has endeared him to many new believers who see their language as a constant failure. For those who have been Christians longer, I think it does dent your witness somewhat, but it also reinforces the idea that we ALL have sinned and fall short.
    I know that doesn't answer the question, but I don't think there is a perfect answer.

  2. Rach (DonutsMama)

    I try to watch my mouth. But sometimes I let one slip. And I don't beat myself up about it anymore. I ask for grace and move on. I think what matters is that you try. Yes, none of us is perfect and maybe our flaws make us more relatable. That said, I know I need to try harder to watch what I say.

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