Forgiving Ourselves

This is a good reminder for us all.  I have always struggled with remembering all too well my sins, my failures and just dumb things I have done.  Thinking to a setting or siutation brings all the emotions flooding back.  I think it is part of what makes the postpartum depression and pospartum anxiety so hard to leave behind. I can think of a situation and/or memory and the feelings flood in, as if it were still that day.  It happens with both good and bad memories, but more poignantly with failures, sins, pain.   I don’t think I am alone in this.  Our minds and hearts torture us.  Satan twists memories to make us doubt the Lord’s forgiveness.    We beat ourselves up.  But we can have freedom.  We can have forgiveness.  Reach out for it.  Accept it.  Embrace it. 

Will you reach out for it?  Will you embrace it?  Will you allow the Lord to give you His forgiveness?  Will you forgive yourself?

Please come see what others have been thinking about.

Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Forgiving Ourselves

  1. I have this same problem too. I go over and over things in my head, even when I'm the only one who thinks I've done anything wrong. But I forgive everyone else so quickly. We need to learn to treat ourselves with the same grace we'd treat others.

  2. You are so right Story. I also forgive others, but struggle to give myself grace. Are you sure we weren't separated at birth?

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