Multitude Mondays 175-179

I have a friend who is doing her family medicine residency at a local hospital.  She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  The friendship started with her and her hubby, who is also doing his residency, bringing us a meal after Patrice was born.  They go to our church but we had somehow not met them.  She was just weeks from delivering their first baby when they brought us dinner.  As we talked to them, I wondered how she kept up the schedule of a resident with being pregnant.  I couldn’t deal with all 40 hours of my week.  And how she had found time to cook for us, who were home with a new baby.  How did she find time.

I remember them sitting there, so politely, watching our kids be absolutely crazy.  They were nuts.  Caitlyn was talking a mile a minute, Sue was climbing all over me and Patrice and managed to fall off the chair arm onto the floor.  Tears ensued.  In the midst of that I forgot to even ask her if she wanted to hold the baby.  I told hubby after they left “good thing they are already expecting a baby or we might have scared them away from parenthood all together!”

But we didn’t scare them away.  She has become one of my closest friends.  We are so looking forward to their son’s first birthday in a couple weeks.  She has been a great listener through the postpartum depression.   She hasn’t shyed away from the hard that is sometimes part of being around me this last year.  But she also hasn’t seen me only as my depression.  We are moms.  We are friends.

We get to chat at rare lunches and dinners, sometimes via text message and every once and a while we find time for a play date.  Due to our schedules being very different, and hers being crazy demanding, we often don’t see each other.  And this week we definitely won’t.

This week she is in Haiti working with other doctors to help those who need medical care.  I am praying she has a safe trip; I know her skill and compassion will be a great blessing to those she meets.  Won’t you join me in praying for her and her team?  Pray that Dr. L would have a great week, learning, teaching, helping, blessing others.

175.  For friends, I am thankful.

176.  To those who have listened to me cry and struggle without judgement, I am thankful.

177.  Several have literally dropped what they were doing to come just be with me when things got very, very dark.  Words can never express my thankfulness.

178.  Beloved family members who took my girls in when I was hospitalized for the postpartum issues.  Our gratitude will last til the ends of our days.

179.  Text message upon text message truly kept me going when I saw no light in the darkness, no value in myself.  Thank you for seeing value in me.  Thank you for helping me fight for me.

Please join us in being thankful.

Survive til you Thrive!

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