Postpartum Progress

I have been in treatment for postpartum depression and anxiety for over a year now.  It has been a long year.  It has been good in so many ways.  I have loved every minute with our three girls and I have met some amazing people because of the postpartum depression.  One of the resources I found was Postpartum Progress.

It is an amazing website I have talked about many times.  It has explanations for postpartum depression in “Plain Mama English”, amazing articles addressing so many facets of this illness, stories of other women who have walked through this and survived!!!

It is an amazing site.  I wish there were a way to get her info into the packets of information they send home with mamas after they have the baby.

And there is more than just that site.  Katherine is a passionate advocate, writing and speaking about postpartum mood disorders.  She walked through it and is there to help others do the same.

She has done it without making a single penny.  She reinvests what she gets back into Postpartum Progress.  Recently, she applied for, and received 501c3 status.  I am excited to see what she can do with Postpartum Progress with ability to get funding for the work.

This week she kicked off the first fundraising effort for Postpartum Progress.  She calls it Strong Start Day.  Won’t you visit her site and donate?  Do it in honor of those mamas who have walked this road, do it so this resource is available for you when you have children, or your daughters have children.  Postpartum Mood Disorders hit far and wide.  Katherine hits back with help, information and support.

She helps mamas like me.

You can donate via paypal or by credit card.  You can remain anonymous if you like.  Help us get to the goal of $30,000.

Survive til you Thrive!

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