Sweetness, Crazy, Crazy Sweetness

Yum Nutella!!
Nectar of the gods, Nutella
No bread, just nutella!
There’s the great Pumpkin
See my butt…er…bottom?
Did you see the great pumpkin?
I’m telling you he’s there…
Did you see him?

Today.  Today is good.  Today is better than I ever dreamed life would be.  A year ago life was harder than I ever thought it could be. A year ago today I went to my midwife and asked her to take my kids home and love them.  Because I didn’t?  No way.  Because I loved them so much but could not figure out how to be mommy to them.  My anxiety was so high.  She let me cry and got me help. A year ago today I spent 24 hours in mental health institution.  It was hard, really hard.  And I can’t really tell you that story today.  I can’t go there today.  But know today is so sweet.  Especially since today, a year ago, was so hard.  Please know if you are dealing with a postpartum mood disorder, there is help, there is hope.  It won’t be an easy journey, but it is worth EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT of the hard.  If you are walking the hard, please check out my page of postpartum resources, read my posts under depression, contact me on twitter at @signingcharity.  Reach out.  You’ll be glad you did.

Also head over to my friend Ali’s and see how you can pray for her and her family.

Survive til you Thrive!

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