Blah, blah, blah 216-225

This week, really the last few weeks, have been full of illness.  Colds, ear infections, pink eye, toe cramps–that last one caused lots and lots of tears…LOTS!  I am hoping this week we get a break.  Because, wow, I just can’t even think about what new things would be coming.  But, through it all, I’ve been thankful that the illnesses plaguing us have not been big sleep disturbers or overly painful for the girls. I think it has been much, much harder on mommy and daddy.  For this, I am thankful:

216.  We are done with eye drops for the older girls.

217.  Baby lets us do them without much fight.

218.  The drops work quickly to relieve the discomfort of pink eye.

219.  Girls actually let us sleep in a bit on the first day without daylight savings time.

220.  Heart-to-heart talk with hubby that was very healing and encouraging.

221.  Folded and put away laundry.

222.  Having too many clothes for our dresser drawers.

223.  Baby grocery shopping easily.

224.  Clean bedrooms.

225.  Continued encouragement from friends.

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. So sorry to hear you've all been sick. Praying for quick recovery for all! Pink eye is yucky. My kids would run and hide when I got the drops out. You are blessed that they do them well. Amen to folded and put away laundry. Wish I could say the same! Have a great week.

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