Life Lessons–Random Style

Here I am again trying to figure out what I learned this week…This week was kind of a blur of illness.  Well more than a few weeks.  It started with Caitlyn getting an ear infection.  Which apparently my body thought was fun, because I got one too.  Then while I was still on antibiotics for that I got something on my leg that swelled, got hot and bruised…turns out I had an allergic reaction to something that bit me.  Sigh.

Then came hubby and I’s anniversary weekend.  We went on Saturday, the day before our anniversary…good thing because Caitlyn woke up with pink eye the next morning.  Oh the horrible screaming she did when we put the drops in, then a few days later Sue started with the goopy eyes, and three days later, Patrice.  Just for kicks mommy and daddy got colds and finally, yup, today I woke up with the beginnings of pink eye.

So, I guess our life lessons are about colds.

1.  Sending your oldest to school introduces lots of new germs.

2.  She might not be the only one to get sick from all her “sharing.”

3.  Adults can get ear infections.

4.  Adults can get pink eye.

5.  Eye drops in little girls eyes cause such fits you would think they hurt.

6.  The drops do not hurt, they actually feel good.

7.  Cough syrup makes my head feel woozy.

8.  Being woozy is better than coughing like crazy.

9.  Having two sick parents in the house is no fun.

10.  My husband does not have a sister wife or a spare wife that we can call on for parenting when we are sick.

Those are my life lessons.  What are yours?

Survive til you Thrive!

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