Saturday Snapshots

It is Saturday, very early Saturday, but it is still Saturday. I have been up messing with photos.  I had a groupon that expires, well, today and a coupon code for photo posters, that I got from this fab blog, that expires Sunday, so that meant I had to get them USED!  I am absolutely exhausted, but thought I might as well continue with pictures.  Here are some of Patrice playing her first musical instrument!
Head on over and see how you can pray for my friend Ali.
Survive til you Thrive!

One Response to Saturday Snapshots

  1. Hi Charity.
    Love the vuvuzela Patrice is playing with, with the South African flag on it!!
    The vuvuzelas were the bane of our lives during the soccer world cup. Everyone seemed to have one and enjoyed playing them at top volume. (Actually, they only have one volume, and it is an ear-bleeding one, lol) They were on the verge of being outlawed at soccer games at one stage, as the decibel level produced exceeds safety limits. Especially when there are thousands playing at the same time.
    Anyway, take care and enjoy the weekend.

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