#workingforlessjunkinthetrunk week 2

Ahhhhh.  First week of weight watchers down.  A lifetime to go, but it is nice to have the first week down.  And to have stuck with my changes and choices. 

Lots of changes.  Traveling this weekend.  Not as much exercise as normal.  It could have spelled disaster.  But it didn’t.  I did okay.  I lost 2 pounds.  Not too shabby.  It could have been worse.  Much, much worse. 

I love how weight watchers has you break it into smaller goals, 5%, then 10%, so on and so forth.  But they are still kind of daunting.  I have been gaining and losing the same 6 pounds for the last year.  I have lost these two more times than I care to count.  I am a little nervous they are not gone, just messing with me again.

How do you battle the fear?  How do you move past the pounds you have gained and lost over and over again?

This week’s weight watchers meeting was about how to deal with Thanksgiving.  It is a toughie.  One of the first things they mentioned was setting your goal–continuing to lose, stay steady at current weight or even plan for a gain.  My goal?  To keep losing. 

Are there people in your life who are changing their food choices?  Won’t you encourage them, help them?  Add lots of veggies and fruit, without dressings and creams, to the menu.  Don’t take it personal when they choose to pass on some of the treats, know they are just doing what they need to so for themselves.

What are your goals, what is your plan?

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2 Responses to #workingforlessjunkinthetrunk week 2

  1. 2 pounds is good! Good job.

    I love Weight Watchers. I did so well with it the first time I lost weight. If you stick to it, the weight will come off.

    Weight comes and goes. I read somewhere a while back that it's normal to lose and gain 5-10 pounds over and over. People's lives change, so eating habits change, even if for a short period of time. You just have to move past that fear of gaining and losing it again, and just do your best.

    Or, Shake it out. 😛

  2. Alicia The Snowflake

    When I rejoined back in February, I was afraid I wouldn't continue. I always get so far and then stop. I was afraid this time would be the same. I am not sure why it isn't other than good old determination. You can do it too my friend. You can get past that 6 pounds. You just need to keep working at it & remembering this is a journey. One step in the right direction I'd still a step.

    Congrats on the 2 lbs!!!
    And thanks for joining WLWed!

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