What Can I Do for my Health?

As you know, I have been exercising a lot.  I started with running, my first exercise I ever enjoyed; and that has opened to other things I enjoy…Insanity Workout, biking, crunches, I am in love with exercise.  It is helping me tremendously with my moods, with my satisfaction in myself.  I also want my girls to learn that exercise is fun and something valuable.

I’ve probably gotten obnoxious with how much I talk and blog about it…but hey, I just can’t stop myself.  Sunday, at Christmas, I was talking to my nephew about it.  He is in medical school and finds amazing resources on-line.  And he passed this one on…

I hope you enjoy it…

Survive til you Thrive!

3 Responses to What Can I Do for my Health?

  1. This is OUTSTANDING! Very motivating to me. I am packing up the twins to go out for a walk. And YOU are so inspiring to me!

  2. Yay, you go mama!

  3. Julie Jordan Scott

    Very inspiring. I used to run in college and really enjoyed it. Think I'll (re)try the couch to 5K in 90 days program… great to "meet you" via #commenthour!

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