Mommyhood Confessions–I Don’t Mind…

As a mommy I think I am supposed to want my space.  And sometimes I do.  Sometimes it is uncomfy having all three kids piled on top of me in the chair.  And when Sue was still nursing she would go through these phases where if I was in the room she wanted to nurse.  I would sometimes hide upstairs in my bedroom to get a break from her nursing. 

I gather from social media and jokes you hear that I should want my time in the bathroom alone.  That I should want to go potty by myself.  And a few days of the month, I do!  But most of the time…I don’t mind them coming in when I am in the shower, or even going potty.  I don’t mind them being in there when I am brushing my teeth or doing my hair.

My mom didn’t have a big issue with it either, so I think that is part of it.  Also, I am away from my girls all week while at work, and I do get to potty alone there (I work in a male dominated industry and there are very few women in my area).  I try to pack in a fair amount of time with my girls when I am home.  And I have found some interesting convos happen in there.  (Besides the obvious, not so interesting, ones)

We have talked about God and why He loves us.  Why we need to make good choices.  How much we love each other.

And all in all, I just don’t mind…

What are your mommyhood secrets?  Head over to Kimberly’s to share.

*another confession?  I seem to vaguely remember writing about this before but I am too lazy to go check…

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3 Responses to Mommyhood Confessions–I Don’t Mind…

  1. I don't really mind it when he comes in to watch me get ready. He asks questions and we talk. It makes me swoon when he says "Mom you look pretty"…I even don't mind when he comes in the shower and plays his dinky cars on the ceramic floor.
    Kind of makes me feel like he can't be without me.
    But when I'm on the crapper…I do mind. It's weird.
    Now that he's developed a sense of smell, he doesn't come in there very often anymore….heehee

  2. It seems familiar to me too, Charity. That's okay, though. We all love to hear from you when you get a chance to post. –Shelby

  3. Kimberly–my older two come in less during those undesirable times, the baby, no sense of smell, I swear 🙂 My oldest now yells at Sue, "give mommy her space!"

    Shelby–yeah, I think so too, but eh well…life moves on right 🙂

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