Multitudes Monday 262-270

I have been doing laundry like crazy.  I like to wash all clothes we get as gifts and then get them folded and put away.  I’ve got most of the washing done…now for the folding and putting away.  We were given so much for the girls that I think I am going to pull out most of what is currently in their drawers and give them all new fresh options!

So do I pack away all we currently have for the next child…the bonus of having three of the same gender, or do I realize we truly have enough put away for a mega family and donate some of what we have?  It’s a hard choice. 

Am I offending people who have given us so much if I give away what they have previously blessed us with?  Am I being a good steward of resources if I keep them?  Or am I just being selfish and hoarding if I box it all up just in case we need it later?  (FYI, part of this thought process comes from watching an episode of hoarders last night)


I’m really not sure what to do…

So for now I will begin with being thankful:

262.  an abundance of clothes for my girls

263.  massive abundance of toys for my girls

264.  my girls truly don’t know what it is to want or need

265.  family collecting pop can tabs, box tops for education and cambell soup labels so we can donate them to help others (Ronald McDonald House) and Caitlyn’s school (box tops and labels)

266.  a new exercise challenge to get me moving again

267.  a hubby who changes diapers (almost) willingly

268.  cute baby nods and smiles

269.  nutella on bread

270.  time with cousins and family

Survive til you Thrive!

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