Secret Mommyhood Confessions–I am a Hypocrite

“Clean your room girls.”

“Get these dirty clothes off your floor.”

“Put your folded clothes away.”

“Toys get put away or there will be no story tonight.”

I have said all this and more.  Many times.

I’ve even come up with a game called “mama 5” where I yell 5, each girl has to pick up 5 things off their floor and put them away, then they can go play for a few minutes, until I yell “mama 5”.  We repeat the process until their room is clean.  It works.  I am quite proud of that game.  Go ahead and use it in your home if you would like…

I do all that…I yell…I threaten…I bribe…

And my room is a disaster.  A wreck.  My folded clothes are in a laundry basket, with no hope of ever actually being put away.  Half the clothes I wear regularly are just piled on the end of my bed.

We won’t even talk about the books and various items that need put away…

I am a hypocrite.  I demand the girls learn to take care of their belongings and room while mine are sadly neglected…

Is there anything you demand from your kids but don’t practice in your life?  Do you feel guilty about it or know they really do need to learn, even if you as the parent are not perfect?  Does it eat at you or do you never think about it?

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4 Responses to Secret Mommyhood Confessions–I am a Hypocrite

  1. The twins are still little babies, so I don’t feel too bad about this yet, but I struggled with it with my older boys and know I will this time too.

    I am big on eating healthy, eschewing junk food, banning soda from the house and so forth. But I have an addiction to potato chips and chocolate. I know that what I will do is secretly buy my crack, hide it and then sneak it every chance I get. That’s exactly what I did before and I know I’ll do it this time around too. And I already feel guilty about it.

  2. I think that we are all guilty of this.
    I teach Chunky about healthy eating. That means fruit before candy etc…however, I’m the first person to grab a candy and hide in my room to eat it. Even Shawn will forgoe eating vegetables at dinner, but Chunky has to.
    Now that I must eat healthy for my gallbladder crap, we are eating healthier as a family. But before? we weren’t.
    Also using words like dumb, stupid, damnit, and there may be a swear word or 7 in there etc. are not allowed out of Chunky’s mouth…yet we use them. Chunky will be all “OOoooOOOooo that’s bad”
    Sigh, this motherhood gig is hard.
    Thanks again for linking up my dear.

  3. Well, I can tell you one thing. I don’t want her to be hard on herself and beat herself up the way I do myself. Ugh. It’s so hard, y’know?

  4. I can relate about the bedroom except when my girls were little. It was the one area I said was theirs and they could keep it however they wanted with two conditions; if it started leaking into the hallway or if it smelled bad they had to clean it up. Right or wrong I felt it was their space. Now my room is a disaster and the rest of the house is in good order. I was just thinking today that I really want to clean it but I look around and sigh. Maybe tomorrow.


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