Weight Loss Wednesday…A Few Hours Late

My weight loss journey…

It has morphed in some ways, but primarily my motivation is my girls.  Caitlyn, Sue and Patrice.  I want them to learn healthy choices now so they won’t struggle with their weight their whole lives.  And even bigger portion of that is my exercise.  I really want them to learn exercise is fun, something we do and a normal part of life.  Nothing brings me more joy then one of the girls asking me to go running with them or to go down to our “gym” downstairs.  They love exercise and I love that!

It has grown in some ways as I have dealt with postpartum depression since Patrice was born.  Exercise is my best weapon.  It gives me a framework for my mental health, and so I exercise.

Somewhere a long the last couple months, I have gotten so used to my exercise regime, an insanity workout in the morning and running or biking in the evening, that yesterday I felt like a slacker when I only did my morning workout and I feel a bit wimpy today for just doing a few exercises and not today’s planned video…(I will do it tonight though!)

What motivates you?  Write about it and share over here.

Survive til you Thrive!

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