An Idea–Mother’s Pride Carnival

Yesterday a twitter friend tweeted that she had two controversial blog posts brewing in her mind, but she wasn’t sure about writing them.  I jokingly said, well don’t write about me being a perfect parent, you don’t need that controversy.

We laughed, but an idea was born.  An idea to have a blog carnival that celebrates what we do as mothers.

Mothers are good at pointing out what we don’t do.  Where we struggle.  We often feel like we have to defend ourselves.

I think that should change.

And not just at Mother’s Day, much more often.  So here comes the Mother’s Pride Blog Carnival.

I envision once a month hosting a blog carnival where we write about what we do–whether it is a craft, a recipe, a parenting decision–no mattter the topic, the point is to be proud of what we do, no defending allowed, just pride.

So, mark your calendar for March 15th!  That is my mom’s birthday and I think it would be a great day to CELEBRATE!!!

We’ll start that day and continue monthly on the 15th.  Will you get ready to celebrate with me?  Start thinking about what you want to take pride in on March 15th!







Survive til you Thrive!

12 Responses to An Idea–Mother’s Pride Carnival

  1. I love it. You are making such a difference. Thank you.

  2. I will definitely do this.

  3. Im in! Fabulous idea Charity 😉 thank you for this. We need it.

    • Sometimes you get surprised by what comes out of a convo with Jaime (Jamesandjax) 🙂 I’m excited. I really hope I can get people to help me promote and be involved!!!!

  4. What a great idea! I see mom blogs in one of two categories- the ‘things aren’t going the way I planned’ blogs or the ‘see? I’m a good mom because I did this!’ blogs.

    Life is. Sometimes things go the way ya plan. Most of the time it doesn’t. Quit beating yourself over the head and celebrate!

    • It’s hard to balance the two isn’t it?! I deal with and know a log of moms who deal with postpartum depression and spend way too much time running themselves down. I’m hoping this will help. Would love to have you join us!

  5. I would love to do this.

    • Look forward to having you. We are doing a hop/carnival where everyone writes a post about something they are proud of, parenting choice, life choice, craft, etc.

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