Going Through the Meals for WLWED

Alicia is taking us through the meals to see how they have changed and how they can change as we work on losing the pounds.

I’ve always been a breakfast eater.  My dad was big on breakfast and I learned.  I am also a bit of a morning person, so my belly is okay with eating early.  It is a bit of a challenge that with taking synthroid I have to wait 30 minutes after I take my medication to eat in the morning.  Some days, like today, I fail and eat too soon.

When I first started weight watchers I was overdoing my morning eating.  I started the day with an instant breakfast shake, then have yogurt and eat my way til breakfast.  This was leaving me only 7 points for dinner.  Not enough to eat dinner with the family.

Over the last few weeks I have seen it change.  I eat a piece of fruit after my morning workout, and then eat a turkey sandwhich when I get to work.  I’m still eating a lot in the morning, but more of it is fruit and veggies.

I am not a great tracker, but I know I basically eat the same every morning and lunch and so far the scale is cooperating.  I lost 1.2lbs over the last two weeks.  I am at 11.6 total lost.  NEXT week I really hope to hit 12 lbs, that will bring me to 1/3 of my goal.  Sigh, I have a lot to lose…

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. I too, take meds for thyroid and need to wait that 1/2 hour…but for me that isn’t a huge deal because I am not a big breakfast eater.
    Good for you with the weight loss….keep up the good work!!

  2. That’s interesting how your dad passed along the love for breakfast. But how frustrating not to be able to eat right away. It’s hard when you first start losing weight to realize the things you were eating and how many points they are. But as you are learning it does get easier. Congrats on the loss! And that’s not too much overall that you have to lose. You’ll get there. Just remember one step at a time, one pound at a time. (((Hugs))) my friend! And thanks for joining WLWed!!!!

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