Memory Captured–First Pony Ride and Thanks 331-349

I saw a call for memories captured in a tweet today from @galitbreen and I knew exactly what picture I had to link up.


The pony is Sandy, the baby is Patrice and yes, that says a ride is 1 cent.  It has been for decades.

My cousin and I grew up riding Sandy at a local grocery store chain, Meijer.  A couple years ago I got to introduce my girls and this weekend, my Patrice.

That little girl joins her sisters in being a marvelous joy and light in our lives.

We thank the Lord for them daily.

331 (61).  For childhood memories to share with my girls

332 (62).  Having my cousin just a text message away

333 (63).  A clean house

334 (64).  All the laundry done for the moment

335 (65).  Joy of reading by lamplight from a lamp my daddy gave me

336 (66).  Very hands on hubby

337 (67).  Caitlyn loving to go outside to play

338 (68).  Patrice learning to climb; daddy being smart enough to dismantle the tool she uses to climb where she shouldn’t be

339 (69).  Having my mom to call with cooking questions

340 (70).  Reuniting with college friends

341 (71).  24 hour grocery stores when needed

342 (72).  Caitlyn coming through dental surgery quickly

343 (73).  A knowledgable, caring dentist for our girls

344 (74).  Sue already feeling better after having a fever so high early this morning that she was hallucinating

345 (75).  Hubby practical enough to know how to get the fever down

346 (76).  Kleenex on sale just as we ran out

347 (77).  Warm reception for my blog carnival idea

Be looking for it March 15th, just in time to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  Need a button for your blog?  Check with Lauren, @unxpctdblessing on twitter or at My Postpartum Voice.

348 (78).  Patrice adding the signs milk and banana to her vocabulary

349 (79).  Being able to gather and calm myself today when Sue was sick

I am linking up for the first time for Memories Captured and once again with Multitude Monday.


Survive til you Thrive!

10 Responses to Memory Captured–First Pony Ride and Thanks 331-349

  1. I think that’s amazing – a pony ride that generation after generation can ride (and for just 1 cent!). Thank you for sharing your lovely memory!

    • Isn’t it amazing? Sandy isn’t as “fun” of a ride as some of the newer more expensive ponies, but she is just perfect for little girls!

  2. passing on childhood memories- what a gift- that your parents gave you and that you are giving your children. Blessings on you!

  3. What a lovely family tradition! And a story to tell (and a photo to share!) for years to come!

  4. It’s very rare you still find those lovely pony rides from the past, you’re lucky to have this in your town.

  5. 1 cent ride? How cool is that?! And that so wonderful that generations have been able to experience the same fun ride! How lucky you are!

  6. LOVE to see Sandy still kicking, nothing like a one cent pony – we have Sandy at the shoestore but given her age, there is a height requirement and both my kids are too tall anymore. What a sweet memory to capture

  7. YEE-HAW. Ride-em. What a cutie. It’s so fun to share the things you did as a child, isn’t it?

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