Pinewood Derby

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It is mindboggling to me we are at the age where my oldest is starting to be involved with things like a Pinewood Derby, but a few weeks ago, that is exactly what happened at AWANA, Bible Club.

Five is a little young to do a lot fo the carpentry, but Caitlyn did help daddy pick out decorations and paint color.  She also did some of the painting and actual decorating.

Here are some pictures of the final product, all taken with my phone.

Getting it balancedHad to buy a scale for this project


Isn't it pretty for it's weigh in?


But Caitlyn is definitely prettier...Who cares about stereotypes? She likes her pink car


 She ended up doing 5 races and as far as we can tell she came in 4th for her age group.  It was hard seeing her not win, not because she needs to win, but she was standing there as we listened to the names saying, “Please let me win, please let me win.”  I hated the disappointment.  It hurt my heart.  But I was proud of her because she didn’t cry or get mad when she didn’t win.  She just moved on.

Next year, there will be two of them racing cars…ahhhh….

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7 Responses to Pinewood Derby

  1. Nothing wrong with a little pinky!!!!

  2. I love the pink car too 😉

  3. I would totally want a pink pine car!

  4. How wonderful that she is involved in this. So great for her self esteme.

  5. Love this! She must be so proud!

  6. Her car looks great! I hope she’s proud of herself. 4th place sounds pretty good to me!

  7. My kids love the Pinewood Derby with Awana. Thank goodness they did all decorating, creating etc. at the church. We never had to mess with weighing them down or anything. That is a fine looking car!

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