I am Excited–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

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What am I excited about…well the problem Kim, is I am really excited about some stuff that normally, well, isn’t exciting.

Hubby says we can rip up the carpet in the girls’ rooms.  I am hoping for this weekend but he’s all “excited” about taxes.

I’m excited about all this extra energy I have so I can get a lot done.  My house is going to be CLEAN.  Watch out stuff and dirt.  You are GOING DOWN!!!!  As soon as my marvelous wit shows through this post and I wow you with my written word skills…

I am feeling great.  This is day four of feeling awesome, on top of the world.  I feel like dancing through my dirty house, so I shall turn on music nice and loud and clean away, because my clean house will be that much more fun to dance in.

I think after it is clean I shall throw the girls a party.  Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate a clean house with a special treat and streamers?  Yes, that is what I shall do!!!!!!!!!

What are you excited about?? (I am also excited to link up with Kimberly)

And because there has been a lack of pictures in my posts…


Survive til you Thrive!

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