I Have A Secret

Not that secret…I think we are done with those kinds of secrets…

I am going tomorrow to Caitlyn’s class to read a book and volunteer.

March is National Reading Month.

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.

I was going to read the book and then run off to an appointment.  The appointment got cancelled.  I was so bummed I cried.  Then I thought of getting to volunteer in her class.  I called her teacher and she said that would be great.

My face was still wet with my tears but now I was smiling and so excited about the new opportunity.

My emotions turn on a dime.

Maybe I’m crazy.

Good thing I see a psychiatrist.

And that the new medication level is working. I am thinking more clearly than I have since BEFORE getting pregnant with Patrice.  This was the hardest medication ever to adjust to, but totally worth it.

That’s what I’m thinking today.

What are you thinking?


Survive til you Thrive!

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