Mother’s Pride, the beginning

Here it is, the beginning of the Mother’s Pride blog carnival, and I the host am searching in my brain for what I want to celebrate.

First let me tell you the beginning of this, March 15, corresponds with my mother’s birthday, on purpose.

I am proud of my mother for doing a job that is hard.  She is a home health care provider.  She spends her whole day with people who need so much from her.  And she does it, day in and day out.  And she cares for her clients, more than they will ever know.  I am proud of her.

I am proud of myself for reinventing myself from a couch potato to a real runner.  I run several times a week, in all kinds of weather, all kinds of distances.  I have done races ranging from 3.1 miles to 6.2 miles.  I am currently training for 13.1 miles.  All this from a girl who was once in a wheelchair.

I am proud of one day forgetting I couldn’t run and trying it anyway…doing those first steps on with wii fit until one Sunday afternoon I stepped outside to do the first steps of my new love–running OUTSIDE.  Talk about freeing and empowering.

I am proud of every single step.

What are you proud of?

No apologizing, just celebrating with pride!


Write your post and link up!


Survive til you Thrive!

6 Responses to Mother’s Pride, the beginning

  1. Hey Charity! You rule. You are such an inspiration and such a fighter. Thanks for this chance.
    Here is my contribution:

  2. Charity, I love this idea. I will be linking up this weekend. Still trying to come up with an idea for my blog post.

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  4. So proud of you & happy to be a part of this carnival.

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  6. Just found your blog via! Running is definitely something to be very proud of. I just ran my first 5k last year, and signed up to run another one this May.

    I’m hoping to link up with your post once I come up with an idea for my own pride post. 🙂

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