Stuffing it or Reframing it–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

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As I have mentioned, the doctor has correctly pinpointed that I stuff emotions.  I’m okay with accepting that, but now what?

It turns out I need to wean Patrice from nursing so the doctor and I can get more aggressive with treating the depression.  Trust me, that was a hard decision.

I cried and cried Thursday at work.  And then I started thinking.

I have been nursing or pregnant from November 2005.  I have been wearing nursing undergarments and nightgowns since August 4, 2006.  As of next week, I need to replace all these items with “regular” woman apparel.  And I am going to try a chocolate martini.

I changed how I am thinking about it, I reframed it…I think.

I’m sad about weaning Patrice, but I am a bit excited…

Am I stuffing it or reframing it?

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4 Responses to Stuffing it or Reframing it–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

  1. You are reframing it. And that’s great. And that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still hurt sometimes (or a lot of the time). But you do deserve a chocolate martini, and there are parts of this which will be good and healthy and wonderful, moving on to the next stage of your self and your relationship with P. But there are also parts of it that really, really suck, and it’s okay to feel that way too.

  2. You are reframing it.
    You are completely validated in the way you feel. It’s a hard thing to let go. But it’s not your fault. Think of how awesome you did! You should be proud of you.
    You definitely deserve a chocolate martini…or seven.

  3. Definitely reframing. I also had to wean my son when I had to have a procedure to diagnose a stress fracture in my foot. I was both ready (he was 18 months) and sad because it was our special time. It didn’t take long and we moved into the next stage and remember those days so fondly we actually talk about them sometimes. He wondered the other day if he put batteries in my boobies, if milk would come out.

    Enjoy your chocolate martini! That sounds so good, I might just try one soon.

    Visiting from Kimberly’s linkup.

  4. Reframing. In this season of your life, you need to focus more on yourself than you were initially prepared for. You love all 3 of your girls and you have physically (birthing and nursing) given all you can to them for the time being. Now you need to focus on what you need physically and mentally so you can be more ‘there’ for them down the road.

    Splurge and get some fantastic undies that you and DH will love. 🙂 Then enjoy a chocolate martini. And then remind yourself that every step you are taking forward is for a better future for you, hubby and the girls, and these steps you have to be able to take on your own.

    Loving the positivity!

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