Weight Loss Wednesday–Trying Something New

I’ve done well on weight watchers.  I have lost 15 lbs since starting just before Thanksgiving, but honestly, I think most of it has been the exercise and loosely following the eating.

As I have mentioned, many times, I am doing a fitness challenge with a friend at work.  I have to say that has really been the biggest part of my weight loss.

But I have wondered…

As I’ve also mentioned, I am struggling with depression.  I am on new medications and have a great doctor I am working with…but is there more I can do?

I know sugar affects me.  I can feel my anxiety go through the roof when I decide to have a brownie, piece of cake or dessert.  And I keep torturing myself by eating these evil things.

And I wonder…

Are there other foods that mess with me mentally?  Is there more I can do to help myself by getting serious about my eating like I have my exercise?

I bought a book, Engine 2 Diet, and read it last week while in the hospital.  It is a vegan diet 28-day challenge by Rip Esselstyn, an athlete and a firefighter that wanted to help his fellow firefighters improve their health with a plant-based diet.

And I am going to try it.

NOT because I think diet can fix my depression.  Trust me, I will continue with my medications and doctor appointments.  But I do think I can make better eating choices that MIGHT help me feel better mentally while I improve myself physically.

I have gotten lots of encouragement and ideas from friends on twitter.  Here we go…

How would you prepare for such a radical eating change?  How would you convince your hubby this is a good idea?  And won’t cost too much.  Would you have your kids eat vegan as well?

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