Embarassed before kids–Secret mommyhood confessions

So the embarassment factor goes up when you have kids, like the day Caitlyn told a new friend she was feeling violent.  Yeah, she was repeating me.  What she left out was I was trying to convince hubby to buy me a punching bag for my birthday.

I was so embarassed.

But that does not compare to when I went on a mission trip to Mexico as a teen.  It was one of the few times in my life I owned a two piece bathing suit.  Because of the co-ed nature of the trip, I had to wear a t-shirt over the bikini top.  But a friend wanted to see to top too, so I lifted up my shirt.  Unbeknownst to me my top had come undone and was around my waist.  Yup, I flashed a guy on the trip.  I was sick with embarassment, but as I thought about it today, turns out he came out of the closet shortly after high school, so… was it really embarassing?

Better try again.

I traveled as a missionary after college.  It was a music group.  I was the interpreter for the Deaf.  So I moved a lot during the concerts.  Well one night we finished, so I went back to the music table to do my other job, sell CDs.  I didn’t have a chance to grab the money bag before people came up.  I sold a few, they gave me cash.  Our leader called us up for another song.  I stuffed the money in my bra.  Ran up front.  Started signing.  Again, moving a lot.  As I moved, money came up and out, down and out of my dress.  The drummer almost died laughing, “it was like a slot machine!  The more she moved her arms, the more money came out!!!!”

Writing it now, it’s funny, at the time I was mortified.

When have you been embarassed?

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2 Responses to Embarassed before kids–Secret mommyhood confessions

  1. This is so hilarious!
    This reminds me of Mexico too.
    I was drunk. Really really drunk and my husband coaxed me out into the ocean to play frizbee. So there we were out in the ocean playing frizbee drunker than pre-pregnant Snooki when I got rocked by a huge wave. I picked myself up and started playing frizbee again.
    Well, Shawn couldn’t stop laughing at me. I figured he was laughing because the wave knocked me over.
    Then there were whistles.
    And stares.
    And that’s when i realized that the wave had blown my bikinni top clear off my body.
    Say hello to my melons.

  2. I might have been a tad embarrassed in high school when I sang the national anthem during a basketball game and forgot the words. Yep. Sang the first verse, no problem. Went to sing th second and thought “wait, did I just sing this?” and I guess I thought it was better to stop and admit defeat than to sing what I thought was the same verse over again. It rattled me for then o and everyy game, I worried I wasn’t doing it right. It did get me sor notoriety, but of the flaky kind, not the awesome singer kind. That’s what kept me from being a professional musician. Right??.

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