Not How I Thought I Would Be

I’ve never been overly patient.

But I thought I would be different when I had kids.

I didn’t think I would feel rushed.

But I do.

My brain won’t slow down.

It’s always thinking.

We can be at a great activity and my mind is going.

What’s next?

Where’s Patrice?

How long do we have to stay?

Am I still a good mom if I hate being here?

How do I get some good pictures for my blog?

Can we go yet????!!!!!!

I thought I would be different.

Survive til you Thrive!

4 Responses to Not How I Thought I Would Be

  1. I know that feeling well. It sucks. *hugs*

  2. Your words describe me so well, too. Sending you hugs.

  3. I love the statement “Am I a good mom if I hate being here?” I totally get that. I try to be uber-supportive of my husband and all of his activities since he has pretty much been on his own emotionally since he was 13, but there are times I find myself thinking, “Really? Do we have to do this AGAIN? Didn’t we just do this? This costs HOW much? And how is this edifying our family? (Yes, I really do use the word “edifying our family” when I am doing a cost/benefit analysis of income/outgo and our activities.)” I am pretty certain that at some point I will do that same thing as a mom. For example, I know I will never want to color Easter eggs. All babies will have to do that with their grandmother who LOVES coloring Easter eggs. I never did Girl Scouts and I don’t understand the attraction of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. And coloring is an art I never quite got good at. Fortunately for my kids, my husband is an artist.
    I completely identify with all of these statements and my baby is only 5 months old. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  4. I so get this Charity. My brain is always thinking of the next few things that we have to do. I feel like I should have a notepad with me at all times to write down whatever is on my mind at the time. I try to be present, but sometimes I am just there in body, not spirit.

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