Touchy Feely–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

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My middle child is very touchy feely. She wants to be touching you at all times.  I am not so much.  I mean I was shocked when I hugged Kim more than once when I met her (she’s so wonderful Chuck Norris would give her a hug).  Normally I am a one or no hugger.  I like my space.

Sue, I’m sure, hates having her own space.  She wants to hug all the time, touch all the time. And she keeps patting my, um, tatas.  It makes me so crazy.  I am done nursing, those are mine again.  Hands off kid!

I have no idea what to do about this.  She is so snuggly and cuddly.  She always has been.  She LOVED to be held as a baby, she lived in the moby style wrap, she would smile and giggle when she saw me get it out.  She nursed the longest, and didn’t want to ever give it up.  She would go through stretches where if I was visible she had to be nursing.  I would hide in my room to get a break.  Hide from my baby.

And now, my confession, I still hide.  I go to my room when it gets to be too much.  I hug once or twice but I often declare I am too busy to snuggle or hug.  I need a break, she never needs a break.



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  1. Have you tried setting aside 5 minutes a day and just call it “Sue Snuggle Time”? That way she can look forward to it and you can have it all at once. During that time read a book. Just hug. Have her tell you about her day. Whatever comes up. But that way you can always remind her when she is wanting extra snuggles that snuggle time is coming and she will have something to look forward to. The other girls, social media, and the phone would not be allowed to interrupt, but it would be just you two girls. At her age it might work. I’ve never tried it (obviously), but it is the option I would try. In fact, if my baby ever tries to tell me he is too old for snuggles, I will make him have those 5 minutes every day with me, 16-year-old “too cool” jock or not. 🙂

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