Could Use Some Validation

This week has been full of ups and downs. My anxiety has been really high, which normally signals a big crash into depression is coming. Thankfully that crash has not come, but yesterday the rapid cycling between really happy and depressed started coming. All of it makes me very tired.

I have been very little help at home. Except to be the resident sleeper. Especially yesterday. I laid down right after work, got up around bedtime and went back to bed in less than two hours and right back to sleep. Hubby did all the parenting.

Today I am more than a little anxious. I’ve already taken some meds for it and feel crappy about it. I can’t even handle parenting without help.

Now off to stare at the dirty kitchen that I can’t quite figure out how to clean…

And hope for a good birthday and mother’s day tomorrow…

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4 Responses to Could Use Some Validation

  1. Sending hugs your way, Charity. You are a good mother. Sometimes we all need a little help, and there’s no need to feel guilty for it. Hope tomorrow is a good day.

  2. You are a very good mother . Depression makes you think you’re not. Even “normal” moms struggle with these feelings of not being a good parent.
    But you are.
    Take it easy. Rest. Forget about the cleaning. Take care of you xoxo

    • Thanks Kim. There is so much more I should say to you, but thanks will have to suffice right now.

      That came out wrong. I hope you can hear my heart talking, it’s much more eloquent than I.

  3. Hugs, Charity! You are a very good mama, and please don’t let yourself tell yourself any different. Sometimes we all just need a break from everything. I hope you had a better day today and that you had a wonderful birthday.

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