Life Lessons

I think I have mentioned, ad naseum, that this week was hard.  Or rather, the last three weeks have been hard, but this last one, wowsers.

But I learned a few new things.

1.  People are praying for you even when you can’t ask them to.

2.  People love you even when you aren’t lovable.

3.  Years of burdens can be lifted with one gentle conversation.

4.  You can feel closer to that person than you have for years, after said conversation.

5.  There doesn’t need to be anything profound said to make the above conversation absolutely amazing.

6.  Sometimes plans change.

7.  And sometimes the best reason for that is spending more time with family.

What have you learned this week?  Head over to Rach’s and link up!


Survive til you Thrive!

2 Responses to Life Lessons

  1. Amen and amen. So glad you had great weather for the park yesterday. And it looks like everyone had a great time. I think you made a wise decision for family time instead of running yesterday. 🙂 Praying that today, while maybe not easy, is easier than May has been so far.

  2. I’m sorry that things are hard, but remember that your friends are here and we are praying for you! And yay for family time.

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