People Person…

Am I a people person?
I don’t really know.
I crave interaction more than my husband does, but have found a true love of social media as I can be involved to the level I am comfortable and can step away when I need to.
I talk a lot around people, but I think that is more out of nerves than anything else.
I love the constraints of 140 characters tweet or text message as it keeps me from getting too talkative and invites more pauses for another person to get involved.
I am exhausted after going to a party or a day at work. 
It is not uncommon for me to dread plans I have made with people because I am afraid I will offend them or scare them off.
What about you?  Do you get energized by time alone or time with others?  Do people see you as a people person?
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4 Responses to People Person…

  1. funny, i dread plans I’ve made with friends too! I usually have a good time once I’m there, but dread I do. And then, like you, I worry afterwards about what I said/did that offended them.

    It’s usually in my head though.

  2. I crave connection less than my husband does. He can talk to a person face to face for hours. I could if I have to, but I prefer not to.

    I’m curious about people, though. Curious, but reserved.

  3. So glad you mentioned that, what IS IT with the dreading of following through with plans? Almost always enjoy myself, why must I work myself into a frenzy prior to the event? Argh, so frustrating to be me.

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