Driving is Scaring Me

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So, here is my confession.  I took driver’s education twice.  I failed it the first time.

I was too scared to get it right.  I sailed through the book part, couldn’t pass the driving.

I got past it and have done fine driving down here.  Even going from a small car to a large minivan.  But lately, something has changed and I am back to always being nervous.  I am always sure I am in the other person’s lane, even though any time I check I am right where I belong.  I feel like I am always going too slow (though my recent ticket might tell a different story)…

I am just always scared.  I know I have to get over it.  Driving, and the traffic, are a fact of life.  And I have done it fine for, ahem, many years.  All evidence is that I am a fine driver…now to shut up the backseat driver in my head!

What are you suddenly afraid of?  Or am I the only one that suddenly re-develops a fear?



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7 Responses to Driving is Scaring Me

  1. Eek, I’m so sorry with the sudden fear of driving! That would suck for me if it did happen because there’s no other way to get around.

    My new fear? Going out alone with my toddler and new baby. I’m going to try avoid doing that until the baby is well, not a baby anymore 🙂

    • Going out with the two will get better. I found the best way was to wear the baby in a moby and then for all intents and purposes I only had one I had to chase. And I would feel so cool with two in the cart and and wearing the baby. I built up my confidence, though today I decided not to take all three out to eat by myself!

  2. I’m terrified of 3 things:
    #1. Spiders
    #2. Corpses which is weird since I am a nurse and have had to deal with the dead bodies…I actually begged and tried to bribe a fellow nurse wiht my entire pay check for them to take care of the body. They laughed and did it out of pity for me.
    #3. The dentist.
    In other related news, I failed my drivers test. The woman was really mean. she was all up in arms because the day before the test a truck had backed up into the passenger window in the back and we had to put a garbage bag over it. Sigh…

    • My hubby is terrified of spiders. I have been thinking about your bribing another nurse all day!

      I knew I liked you–failing my driver’s test was very traumatizing at 16. Thank you for sharing that it happened to you too!

  3. I’m so sorry and I hope this gets better for you in time. I was in a really bad accident 16 years ago, I was ok but the car was totaled and it took months and months for me to feel calm again while driving. For years, I was scared to drive in rain or bad weather. I was forced to do it and it did help me over come it though but I understand the fear. Spiders are probably my big fear right now 🙂

  4. “Feel the fear and do it anyways”…I think that’s a book I read years back. I used to fear spiders but then I realized how afraid they must be of me…I mean I’m HUGE compared to them. So I now relocate them OUT of the house…sometimes screaming all the way. Good luck!

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