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Pinned it and did it–Strawberry Smoothies

I am getting ready to embark on a wheat free lifestyle; the diet I am following relies heavily on smoothies. I decided to practice tonight with strawberry smoothies for the family. I found a great recipe on Pinterest.

A Spicy Perspective shared her three ingredient strawberry smoothie recipe.

  • 3 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1/3 cup strawberry jam (I used a blend of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry blend)

Mix, pour and enjoy!



Vacation was Long–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

Something Something Button

We had a great time on vacation, we really did. The camping weather was perfect. And the wedding was lovely. The girls were good. And family helped so much while we were visiting.

But I personally, was ready to come home, by the end of the trip! And then it got extended a day when we had to replace all four tires on the camper!

My girls made me feel a little bit like a failure as a mom during the trip. They wanted to spend all their time with the aunts and cousins, Caitlyn didn’t even want to dance with me at the wedding. Patrice screamed if I held her, but was good for everybody else. We ran into some discipline problems that made me wonder if they are learning anything from us. I felt stressed as a parent, like I was failing the whole trip.

Now let me clarify, the family did not make me feel that way. To the contrary, they were very encouraging. It was truly uplifting and enjoyable to be with them.

Sometimes it is so hard to believe those around you instead of the voices screaming in your brain!

How do you deal with the thoughts in your head compared to the reality others see?

A Good Week

Wind and fun

I was quiet this week because we were undertaking a big trip to Minnesota for a family wedding.  But I am home…and blogging is way more fun than cleaning!  Here are a few pictures from time spent at Lake Michigan as we traveled to and from.

Not so sure about sand

Exploring a little more

Improvising and Climbing

Loving on each other

First catch of the day

And moments later, Sue's catch