Vacation was Long–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

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We had a great time on vacation, we really did. The camping weather was perfect. And the wedding was lovely. The girls were good. And family helped so much while we were visiting.

But I personally, was ready to come home, by the end of the trip! And then it got extended a day when we had to replace all four tires on the camper!

My girls made me feel a little bit like a failure as a mom during the trip. They wanted to spend all their time with the aunts and cousins, Caitlyn didn’t even want to dance with me at the wedding. Patrice screamed if I held her, but was good for everybody else. We ran into some discipline problems that made me wonder if they are learning anything from us. I felt stressed as a parent, like I was failing the whole trip.

Now let me clarify, the family did not make me feel that way. To the contrary, they were very encouraging. It was truly uplifting and enjoyable to be with them.

Sometimes it is so hard to believe those around you instead of the voices screaming in your brain!

How do you deal with the thoughts in your head compared to the reality others see?

Survive til you Thrive!

4 Responses to Vacation was Long–Secret Mommyhood Confessions

  1. My daughter always does this, especially if my mom or sister are around. She wants nothing to do with me once they come around. Once in a great while, I will have a sad thought about it, but I actually don’t mind it much because when they are off playing with her, I enjoy that time to relax 🙂
    I constantly have those thoughts in my head while others tell me differently. It’s not easy to deal with it at all but know you are not alone!

  2. Those times when the voices in my head make me question everything, I stop. Take a deep breath. And remember reading “The Screwtape Letters” in Dr. Daigle’s C.S. Lewis class. I really don’t remember much of the whole book. But one letter stood out to me more than the rest. It was a letter written regarding those voices and how Screwtape (Satan) uses them to push believers to mental self-harm and suicide. I make myself rationally look at what those voices are saying. Is there any part that is true? Is that something I can change? Are there outside forces (hunger, exhaustion, frustration) that are adding to intensity of those voices? I can’t say that it changes what the voices are saying, but I can tell them to shut up. And if there is something I can do differently, I will try to change it.

    I know I am a great mom. I have been mentally preparing myself for this my whole life. Who is Satan to tell me I am doing something wrong/bad/stupid/damaging? He is No One. And I tell him that.

  3. I think that all kids are like that. Remember that they are with you all the time. They need their space too to play with other kids/family members. it still doesn’t make the suck any less. They love you. They really do.

    • Then Friday Patrice decided she only liked daddy, but she kept running up and giving me hugs in church nursery today; she did adore one of the other ladies working in there. I sure do not have shy kids, which is kind of amazing since hubby and I tend toward shy.

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