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To Cool You Off

Bribery in All It’s Beauty

Sue has to go for blood work today.  Neither of us is thrilled.  She, obviously, is more upset than I.  Though, I am not exactly sure how I am going to get her in the car for this adventure.

But I do have the after figured out.  I will be bribing her with making chocolate chip muffins.  Yesterday she decided to make a cookbook and our first recipe was for muffins, so I thought this would be a fun activity.

Well, no blood was taken out of Sue today.  She is a wildcat and was having none of it.  I got her to the lab but as soon as she figured out what was happening, it was all over.

I was mad and frustrated.  I thought about not doing the muffins, but ultimately, that wasn’t going to teach her not to fuss at the lab, so we made them anyway.

I found the recipe here via Pinterest.

UPDATE: Patrice liked them so much she got into them when hubby and I weren’t looking and gobbled down three. The one hubby got won his approval so he asked me to make more with blueberries–they were even better. Also talked to Sue’s doctor and she said we can forego the blood work for now!

Yes I’m Afraid

I am pretty open here on my blog.  It is my place to use my writing background and to hopefully help others.  I’ve been pretty honest about a lot of things, starting with postpartum depression and most recently bipolar disorder.  I put it out there, but that doesn’t mean I have no fear.

I am afraid of criticism.  I am afraid of disappointing people by not being perfect.  I am afraid of telling too much and hurting my family.

But I put it out there anyway.  Why?

To help others.

To let others know they are not alone.

To show it can happen to anyone.

To sort out fact from fiction.

To fight stigma and shame.

To be brave, even when I am scared.

A Quick Saturday Project

My hubby knocked a few things off his honey-do list this weekend.

One project had me nervous.  I knew he would need my help and I was afraid it would be too difficult, but I always forget how multi-talented my hubby is.

We reupholstered our kitchen chairs in a couple hours.

We go it done and had some fun along the way. And we got done in plenty of time for me to take the older girls to see the movie Brave. We loved it. There was lots of action and the princess was a spitfire with lots of energy and strength. I wouldn’t mind my girls falling in love with that princess. She’s a fun, curly-haired red head girl!

What projects have you done lately? Have you seen a show or movie where you wouldn’t mind your children getting a little obsessed?