So 2

The invitations are being sent or delivered, 1 by 1.  Some are Elmo, some are princess.  Yup, Patrice and Caitlyn are having a joint party.  I mean, can you blame me, their birthdays are 4 days apart!  My baby will turn 2 and my oldest baby will turn 6.  Wow!  When did I, I mean they, get so old?

Caitlyn is growing up to be a very nice little girl, who doesn’t want to be called cute or “my baby” anymore.

Good thing I have Patrice who will let me do both! (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, someday she won’t like it either).

But for now she does.

She also loves Elmo.

She loves to give huggies and kissies.

She is slowly learning new words. You can probably guess her favorites: No, Why, and Elmo.

She is starting to be able to play with her sisters–she loves to chase, or be chased, by them.

She is a barrel of fun, laugh and giggles.

*Elmo image is from Pinterest

Survive til you Thrive!

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  1. You have the most precious girls, and you take the best pictures. If you’re making those cupcakes too, I will fall down at your feet in awe!

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