Still in the Fight

Two years I have been battling for my mental health.  Two years we have looked at this adorable face.

She’s saying cheese ūüôā

The battle rages on.  And it is worth it.  But it is not always pretty.

This last week it included thoughts I thought were gone for good and new horrific thoughts I never thought I would have.  There have been two medication changes and lessons in reaching out when I need help.

There have also been amazing moments of understanding and clarity.

The best thing my doctor said this week?¬† “that’s the healty part of you fighting those thoughts.”¬† The healthy part of me.¬† It’s there.¬† Others see it.¬† That is gold I can hang on to.

Also, the doctor helped me see I am a useful part of my family, that I do contribute.  I have an amazing husband who does so much; I had lost sight of what I do.  I saw all he does and thought that was it.  I discounted my role.  But this week my doctor made me see it.  He literally made me list off what I do in the house while hubby is doing so much.  It was good.  It was valuable.

So I soldier on.  The battle might get ugly, but it is worth it!  My girls and hubby are worth it.


Survive til you Thrive!

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