Worthwhile as a mom

This week had me feeling worthless many times and in many areas.  From work projects to doctor appointment, I felt worthless.  I walked into my weekly therapy appointment feeling worthless.

So we began to talk about it.  I listed off what had happened to make me feel worthless.  Then the doctor asked me about things where I felt worthwhile.  I had to think a bit.

“I used to feel worthwhile as a mom.”

“Why don’t  you now?”  So I told him about the weekend, how there had been a lot of stress and it never felt like we were just being, [loving, investing in] with our kids.  It felt like we were just dealing with them, like they were a bother.

And you know what happened?  Instead of affirming that I am bad mom, he pointed out how this made me a good mom.  That being aware of and concerned about the difference of being with and dealing with my kids showed I was a good mom.

And I heard him.  I believed him.  I, once again, feel worthwhile as a mom.

Survive til you Thrive!

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