Anxiety and the Soul

The last few days have been very anxiety ridden for me.  Very.

The last few days have hurt.  I want to run away to escape the pain.

But where to run?  Can anybody tell me where I can go to escape my soul?  Anxiety torments the soul.  It pulls at it.  Tears at it.  Makes it sick.

Where do I go?  I am taking my medication and reaching out.  I am sticking with my family, going through the motions.  Doing the next right thing.  I sent out a call for prayer today.  Knowing God no longer listens to me, but maybe He will others.

Where do I go to escape my soul?

I can’t bear this much longer.  I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know where to turn.

Survive til you Thrive!

8 Responses to Anxiety and the Soul

  1. I’m so sorry honey. I have no answers but I’ll hold your hand as long as it takes.

  2. What to do? Just what you’re doing sweetheart. Keep going, keep fighting, keep talking. Sending gentle hugs and thinking of you often x

  3. Charity, you’re on medication but it CANNOT be the RIGHT medication if your feelings are still this strong. I hate the fact that your doctor keeps tweaking the same medication. Have you ever given thought to getting a second opinion? I know you like your doctor as a therapist, but perhaps he’s not the right psychiatrist for you. Sometimes, it’s better to keep the two separate. I’m always a call/text/tweet away. I know what it feels like to think you’re out of options. You’re not. I promise. Remember, this is coming from a woman who planned her own death but went to the hospital instead and is still alive today. Maybe I’m not perfect but Bipolar Disorder is imperfect. We have to deal with it every single day FOREVER. It plain sucks. xoxox

  4. Dear dear Charity,
    I pray you are improving. I love you! I am praying.

    Aunt Audrey

  5. Kadren Grawburg

    Charity, I have to agree with Pam. And I just wondered if you are being careful with your sugar intake still? We know that that can help!!! My whole family, girls included, are uplifting you in prayer. And even though it doesn’t seem like it, God DOES hear your cries!!! Keep going through the motions. You might not feel it in your heart, but you’ll know it in your head. I wish I could come spend the weekend with you sometime.

  6. I am so sorry to read this. It grieves me more than you know to learn of your pain. I am praying for you and yours today. You’re in my heart always.

  7. “Fake it ’til you make it.” That is the statement they teach in AA. When you feel like running, feel like you are failing, feel like what is the point of trying, fake it. Going through the motions keeps you on a schedule, gives you something to focus on that is familiar and only one step ahead.

    I know the anxiety it being driven by work concerns, and I wish there was an easy fix for that. Still praying that you find some peace.

  8. Charity, I am sending you so much love right now. Keep reaching out. Keep talking.

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