My Fear=Their Fear

I have been afraid of the dark as long as I can remember.  I never slept without a light on.  That light was often the overhead light.

It drove my dad crazy.

But I could taste the fear.  The worst to me was when I forgot to do something outside and had to go out after dark.

I grew up on a small farm.  We had a barn, which means we had barn cats.  It was my job to feed them.  I did not like my job.  I put it off as long as possible.    Especially when my dad told me I was feeding skunks in with the cats.  Um, who wants to do that?  Not me. I hated my job.

Fast forward a “few” years.  Now that my husband is around I am willing to sleep without a light.

Go forward a couple more years and we have 2 of our girls.  It is time to teach them to sleep on their own.  Discussion, give them a light or make them learn from the beginning…

I chose incorrectly.

I chose with the light on the first time Caitlyn cried.

And now their overhead light is on every night.

So my fear is their fear.

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*Patrice has been trained with her light off…hubby didn’t let me make that mistake twice.



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3 Responses to My Fear=Their Fear

  1. yeah girl, i did it to my kids too. my mom did it to me. so her fear, my fear, their fear. my teens have a lava lamp on, the toddlers have a night light. it’s not so bad. i mean really, who wants to sleep in the pitch dark? especially when u need to go potty in the middle of the night and you cant see lego blocks and hot wheels left behind. heck, we have a light on and i still trips over these things.

  2. I think a lot of people give their kids night lights. Chase hated his when he was a baby so we never had to give him one. When we converted the crib he wanted a light so we put it back on. Being afraid of the dark is so common. It really is. It doesn’t mean that they’ll be like this forever. The light it a comfort to them 🙂

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