Monthly Archives: November 2012

Back To Cloth

I know I have mentioned it before, but I decided to cloth diaper our youngest child, Patrice.  Then life got too overwhelming,  I mean seriously overwhelming and I decided that was one thing I could quit.

But life often comes full circle, and I find myself needing to save money, so out come the diapers and supplies for Patrice.

You should have seen her the first day I put them on her.  She kept patting her bottom, like, huh, what is that?  Now she picks out the one she wants to wear.

I am also hoping, as an added benefit, it will help prepare Patrice for potty training.  She can definitely feel when she is wet now!

As an added help in the potty training arena, the speech therapist is going to bring us some aids they use and prepare in the Eary Childhood Program.

We’ll keep you posted!